JustHost Review

JustHost Review

The current platform at justhost is now hosting over 1 million websites. I have been a paying hosting customer at justhost.com for some time now and have been monitoring the performance of my website hosted with them. Justhost guarantees an uptime of 99.9% although my site has maintained an uptime of 100%. The page speed was actually a 99 on google page speed insights, which is extremely fast. The customer support has been really good because they are available 24/7 and usually answer my questions quickly. They also have live dedicated wordpress support. The customer hosting account dashboard is very easy to navigate, with my file manager conveniently located and an easy WordPress installation.

At justhost, there is no need to pay for a whole year of web hosting upfront, as they offer monthly billing. With a monthly plan, you still get no setup charges, and you still get a free ssl certificate. The price for the basic shared hosting plan at justhost is $7.99 per month while only paying month to month.

I documented step by step the purchase of the justhost monthly shared hosting plan. I also have reviewed the basic tasks in order to get my new website live on the internet.

Purchasing A Hosting Plan From JustHost

I went to justhost.com and hit the web hosting tab at the top of the page.

I looked over some of the features and hit the red get started button.

On the next page, I had to pick which shared hosting plan I want. I only want to host one website for now, so I am going with the basic plan. I hit the red select button in the basic section.

I then had to choose the new domain name for my website. Make sure to select the .com extension if that is what you want. I entered monthlywebsitehosting.com and then to see if that name was available, I hit next.


It said that the domain name is available. If the domain name you want is not available, I recommend going to thesaurus.com to find synonyms and maybe tweak your new name. I had to enter my information for my new hosting account. I entered everything in than scrolled down to the hosting package information section.


In the hosting account plan box, they had pre selected the 36 month billing option. I only want to buy hosting going month to month, so I changed this to the 1 month billing option. This removes the free domain registration but there are still no setup charges and there is also a free ssl certificate. I left the domain privacy protection box checked to hide my contact information. If you uncheck this box, the owner of the website is public information and easily looked up. I did not select any of the additional hosting account options. The total as of now is $31.86.

I scrolled down and had to enter in my credit card info. There was also an option to pay with paypal. I entered my credit card info and hit the red submit button.

They processed my credit card and I then had to set a new password for my new hosting account. I hit the set password link. They also had the receipt at the bottom of the page.

Getting My New Website To Go Live

On the next page, I picked a new password for my new hosting account and entered it into the form. I also wanted to check my email for any new hosting account info. I had three emails from justhost. The first email was to confirm my whois information. I clicked on the link in the email and it just said thanks I have confirmed it. The second email was a receipt for the purchase of the new hosing account. The third email was the welcome email to my new hosting account. It had some account info, including my new username to my hosting account control panel. it also had a link to the set my password page.

Next, I hit the link to login to my new hosting account.

I had the option to use the justhost website builder or choose to install wordpress. I want to install wordpress to create my new website but for now I want to see the hosting account control panel, so I hit the set up later link at the bottom.

The hosting account control panel is pretty neat and easy to navigate. I noticed the link to the cpanel file manager towards the bottom. If I were going to build my site with html pages, this is where I can upload my files to my new website. I want to create my new website with wordpress, so I clicked the start building button.

It brought me back to the last option page, so this time I hit the start building button in the wordpress section.

It wants me to pick a them, so I selected one and hit the use this theme button. I can always change this theme later from my wordpress dashboard.

On the next page, I hit the start building button and it opened up a new window.

I am now at the wordpress dashboard for my new website. If you continue to use wordpress to build and edit your site, this is where you will spend a lot of time. Justhost has partnered with bluehost with the customization of the wordpress dashboard. You can disable this option from the plugins area if you want. You can also set your wordpress dashboard password from the edit my profile dropdown under the admin tab in the upper right. You will need this password to login to the wordpress dashboard in the future.

I wanted to see if my site was live, so I hit the visit site tab under the website name dropdown.

My new website was now live. You can remove the coming soon option with the yellow tab at the top by going to the plugins area and deactivating the bluehost or mojo marketplace plugin. If you want to continue and learn more about building a website with wordpress, you can do so here.

Justhost Review Conclusion

The purchase process at justhost.com was easy. My hosting account was set up quickly with my new website being live within minutes. The customer supports always answers fast and they also have a dedicated live support just for wordpress. I have been tracking the performance of my website and it does very well. The google page speed was 99 last time I checked it. The uptime has remained at 100% with no downtime.

Feel free to use the comment section below to ask a question or add something. Thanks and good luck.


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