Ipage Review

Ipage Review

Founded way back in 1998, iPage now hosts over one million websites. They are known as one of the most affordable and reliable website hosting companies. I am a paying customer at iPage and over the past few years I have been monitoring the website that I host with iPage to track its performance. My site hosted with iPage consistently ranks among the top performers compared to my other sites hosted with other web hosting companies. My page speed with iPage is a 98 which is well above average.

The customer support from iPage is available 24/7 and has always been very helpful to answer any of my questions quickly. One of the things I always look for in a web host is the functionality of the hosting account customer dashboard. The hosting customer dashboard at iPage is very easy to navigate and has quick access to the file manager and wordpress install. Some of the things that stood out to me when I purchased my shared hosting plan from iPage were the free domain registration and the free ssl certificate. Not all hosting companies offer these for free.

In this review of iPage, I documented step by step the purchase process when I bought my shared hosting plan and registered my new domain. I also went over some of the basic tasks in order to get my site live on the internet. After I purchased my hosting plan, I installed wordpress from the hosting account control panel and published my site. I only purchased a shared hosting plan from iPage, if you want to learn about the different types of hosting options, you can do so here.

Purchasing A Hosting Plan

I went to iPage.com and clicked on the get started now button on the right of the screen.

I typed the domain name I wanted in the search area and hit the search button. If the domain name you want is not available, you may have to tweak it slightly. I like to use thesaurus.com to help come up with synonyms for a new domain name. My name happened to be available, so I clicked on the next, choose my term button.

They have a shopping cart that is fixed on the right side so I can keep an eye on it as I select different options. I wanted to buy one year of hosting so I left that selection checked. I notice below that it shows some of the free addons I get with the shared hosting plan. It says I get the free domain name, free ssl certificate, host unlimited websites, free website builder, free email addresses, and a money back guarantee. So far, I am happy with what is listed so I hit the next, customize my plan button.

On the next page, I have to add or subtract some of the options associated with my new hosting account. I left the id protection box selected to keep my id private. This costs $9.99 per year but if this is not selected, the owner of the website is easily looked up and is public information. I deselected the website security option because I am not anticipating any hackers will be targeting my new site. I also deselected the site backup and restore option because I always backup my files on my own computer anyway.

Since I am planning on using wordpress to build my site, I did not select the website builder. I also did not select the wordpress all in one bundle. This usually just means that they will pre install wordpress and incorporate special wordpress options or shortcuts into the hosting account dashboard. I did not select the g suite business solution either. My price is still at $45.87 for a year of hosting and a new domain name which is pretty good. I hit the continue to payment button.

Next, I had to enter my billing info and contact info.

I then had to enter my credit card info. I took one last look at everything and hit the purchase now button.

A new page opened up that said thank you and the order was being processed. The account setup actually took about 2 minutes to complete. There was also a receipt for the order. It said to check my email for further instructions.

Getting My New Website To Go Live

I went to my email to see about logging into my new hosting account. I actually had 4 new emails from Ipage. The first email was an order confirmation and it had login details to my hosting account control panel. The second email was to notify me that my phone number had been updated on my account. The third email had a link to set my data and use consent preferences. The 4th email had a link to verify my new domain name. I hit that link which brought me to a page where I just had to hit a verify button, so I did that.

I went back to the first email that had a link to send me to a page where I had to setup a new password for my hosting account control panel. I followed the instructions and entered my new password and hit the link to continue to my control panel.

If I am not going to use wordpress, the first thing I look for is the file manager where I can upload the files to my new site. For now though, I am planning on using wordpress, so I am also looking for where I can install it. I see the wordpress icon in the center so I hit that.

It takes me to a wordpress installation page where I have to enter some info. I selected my new domain name ond left the directory portion blank. The dir area is if I only wanted wordpress in a certain section of my domain such as mydomain.com/myblog. I want to use wordpress to create my whole site, so I left it blank.

There were some options down below to let a pro install wordpress for me for a fee but I did not select any of those. I hit the next button. A new page opened up where I had to confirm that it was ok for wordpress to overwrite any content in the directory. This happens probably because ipage must have automatically installed some welcome page to the main directory of my new site. I hit the next button.

Now I had to create the login info to my wordpress dashboard to my new site. I filled in the site name, email address, new user name, and new password. This user name and password is what I will need to login to edit my site later with wordpress. I filled it all out and hit the next button.

It brought me to a new page where they had options to buy a wordpress theme. There are a few good free wordpress themes that I can install later, so I hit the view credentials here button at the top.

Now, I was at a new page where I can purchase different wordpress addons such as plugins or different custom themes. I decided I just want to go to my wordpress dashboard, so I went to mydomain.com/wp-admin/. It is here that I use the new login info I just created during the wordpress installation. I entered my login info and it brought me to my dashboard where I can start to build my site.

I decide to check and see if my site was live yet (sometimes it takes a few hours for the domain name servers to register). I clicked on the visit my site tab under my site name in the top left and it brought me to my new website.

It looks like they have pre installed a free theme which I can change to something else. If you want to continue to see how to build a website using wordpress, you can see another post here.

iPage Review Conclusion

So, buying the hosting plan and getting my site to go live was pretty quick and easy. Some hosting companies that I have reviewed make it more difficult to actually start working on your site after you purchase your hosting plan and register your new domain. The hosting customer control panel is pretty easy to navigate and has wuick access to the file manager and cms application installs. Would definitely recommend iPage.com for a hosting account.





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