Hostinger Review

Hostinger Review

Hostinger was founded way back in 2004 and now has over 29 million customers. Part of the reason hostinger has been able to lure so many customers is because their hosting accounts have some additional options and inclusions not all web hosting companies offer. Hostinger is easily optimized for wordpress, offers unlimited ssd storage, and has instant account activation to name a few hosting account features.

I have been a paying hosting customer at for some time and have been monitoring the performance of my website hosted with them. Hostinger guarantees an uptime of 99.9% although my site has maintained an uptime of 100%. The page speed was actually a 99 on google page speed insights, which is extremely fast. The customer support is available 24/7 and has been able to answer all of my questions quickly. The customer dashboard is very easy to navigate, as the wordpress installer and my file manager is conveniently located. With the premium shared hosting plan, you get a free domain name registration, you still get no setup charges, and you still get a free ssl certificate. The price for the premium shared hosting plan at hostinger is $2.15 per month. Hostinger actually also offers one if not the cheapest hosting plans with the single shared hosting at $.80 per month.

I have documented and reviewed step by step the purchase of my hostinger premium shared hosting plan. I also reviewed the basic tasks in order to get my new website live on the internet.

Buying A Hosting Plan From Hostinger

I went to and I clicked on the web hosting tab at the top of the page.

I clicked on the get started tab in the center of the page.

Since it comes with a free domain name registration, I selected the premium shared hosting plan. I hit the get started button in the premium shared hosting section.

On the next page, they had pre selected the 48 month billing option. I only want to purchase one year of hosting for now, so I selected the 12 months option. I did not choose the ssl certificate option because I can get a free one from letsencrypt later. I did not choose the daily backup option because I always backup my website files to my own computer. I also did not select the cloudflare protection.

In the box below, I had to enter the new domain name I want. Make sure you select the .com extension if that is what you want. I entered awebhostingreview in the free domain name box and hit the search button.

Luckily, the domain name I wanted was available. This is not always the case, sometimes I will go to to find synonyms and teak my new domain name. I selected the id protection for $5 yearly. This will keep my contact information private. Otherwise, the owner of the website is public information and easily looked up.

I looked over everything one last time and hot the green checkout now button. Everything was listed in the order summary review on the right.

On the next page I had to enter new information for my hosting account. I entered my name, email, and neww password for my account and hit the purple create account and checkout button.

I then had to choose my payment method. I chose the credit card option.

I entered my credit card info and hit the green pay button.

It then brought me to a thank you page with a link to set up my new hosting account. I clicked on the setup my order link.

Getting My New Website To Go Live

I had to setup my domain name on the next page. They had it already filled in for me. I also selected North America as my web server location. I hit the continue button.

I then had to fill in my contact information. I filled out the form and hit the setup button.

On the next page, I have the option to select the means to how I want to start building or upload my new website. I want to use wordpress, but for the sake of this review, I hit the skip this I will do it later button underneath the main options.

Now I am in my new hosting account control panel but before moving on, I’m sure I have some emails about my new hosting account, so I checked my email. I actually had 5 emails from hostinger. The first email had a link to confirm my email address, so I clicked the verify button in the email. That just brought me to a page that said thanks and entered me to the hosting account control panel. The second email said that they received my payment for my new hosting account and had a link again to my control panel. The third email said that my hosting service was activated and yet again had a link to my control panel. This email also had some links to tutorials about setting up a site and installing wordpress. The fourth email said that my new domain name was registered and again had a link to my hosting account control panel. The fifth email said that I had to verify my contact information, so I hit the supplied link and hit said thanks I am verified. I then went back to my hosting account control panel.

The first thing I always look for is the file manager. This is where I can upload files to my new website. For now though I want to build my new website with wordpress, so I am looking for how to install wordpress. I clicked on the auto installer icon in the website section.

The next section had tons of applications and databases I could install to my new website. I want to install wordpress, so I clicked on the wordpress icon.

I then selected the domain I wanted to install wordpress to.

I had to create the administrator account. Make sure to save this info. You will need this to log into your wordpress dashboard later to build and edit your new website.

I had to enter my new website title and select the language. I can always change this later. I then hit the install button.

It brought me back to the auto installer control panel showing that wordpress is now installed. I want to get my site live, do I hit the wp admin button.

A new age opens with the wordpress login to your new wordpress builder dashboard. You can also go here by going to I entered the login info I had just created before and hit login.

It brought me to my wordpress dashboard. If you continue to use wordpress for your site, this is where you will be spending a lot of time. I want to see if my site is live, so I hit the visit site from the site name dropdown in the top left.

My brand new website is now live and available to be viewed on the internet. If you want to continue and learn more about building a site with wordpress, you can do so here.

Hostinger Review Conclusion

Overall, the purchase process of the premium shared hosting plan was quick and easy. I liked the instant account activation, because with a lot of web hosting companies you have to wait an hour or so for your hosting account to be set up. The 24/7 customer supports has been really good. I like the hosting account control panel because it is easy to navigate and has a ton of programs in the auto installer area. My website hosted with has managed a 100% uptime. Also, my page speed was actually a 99 when tested on google.

Feel free to use the comment section below to ask any questions or add something. Thanks and good luck.

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