GreenGeeks Review

GreenGeeks Review

GreenGeeks has been in business for over 11 years and has data centers in Chicago, Phoenix, Montreal, and Amsterdam. The theme at GreenGeeks is “green hosting”. According to GreenGeeks, by 2020, the Web Hosting industry will surpass the airline industry in environmental pollution. They claim to have a positive energy footprint on the environment as they replace, with wind power credits, 3 times the amount of energy your website will use.

I purchased a shared hosting plan from and documented the purchase process step by step. I am also going to go over the basic tasks in order to get a new blank wordpress site live on the internet.

I went to and I clicked on the get started now button.

I filled in my new domain name and hit the check availability button.

It said congratulations, that my domain name was available. I then filled in my new hosting account personal information.



In the package information section, it had pre selected ecostarter for 3 years at $2.95 per month.

I changed this to one year of billing at $4.95 per month. With this option, you still get the free domain name registration and the waived setup fee. If you choose the monthly billing option at $9.95 per month, you have to pay a $15.00 setup fee and $13.95 for the domain registration. It automatically added a coupon code called 10yearsgreen, which I’m not sure if this changed the price at all. I left the WHOIS domain name privacy button checked. The domain privacy is $9.95 per year. If you do not select this option, the owner of the website is considered public information.

In the payment information area, I entered my credit card info and clicked on the create account and get started button.

It opened a new page saying thank you, the order is being processed. There were instructions to check my email.

I checked my email right away and indeed did receive a welcome email from green geeks. It had a sales confirmation id number and said that i would receive an account confirmation email shortly.

It actually took about 25 minutes for me to get the next emails. The first email had login information to my account manager dashboard. They said that this is not the login to my hosting account though. Here is what the email said below –

What exactly is the Account Manager?
The GreenGeeks Account Manager is a centralized portal for managing all of your services with GreenGeeks in addition to receiving support, managing invoices, and taking advantage of special offers.
Please Note: Your GreenGeeks Account Manager is NOT your actual service username/password login information, for example, your web hosting service details. You will receive a secondary e-mail when the service you have purchased has been activated containing all of the details relating to that product and/or service.
I then clicked on the link to the GreenGeeks account manager login.
I filled in the login info I was given from the email and hit sign me in.
It took me to my account dashboard. I guess they have a dashboard because it is possible to have other products with GreenGeeks other than just hosting, such as just domain names. There is actually a link to login to cpanel.
I had another email with a summary of my purchase and login details to my cpanel and ftp account. It also stated that if I had purchased a new domain name that it will not be available right away. This is common and I have had to wait with other webhosting companies to set up the domain name also. I clicked on the link in the email to go to the cpanel login and it brought me back to the account dashboard. From there, I clicked on the cpanel login button. It automatically logged me in to my cpanel account. This is where I can upload files to my site or install wordpress.

There was a third email with another summary of my purchase and instructions on how to view my receipt from my account dashboard. There was also a 4th email stating that my domain name purchase was complete and that I can manage my domains from my account dashboard.

So far, I am very happy with the purchase. The account dashboard is very simple, straightforward, and easy to navigate unlike some other web hosting account dashboards. Also, there is easy access to my cpanel which is where I spend a lot of time if I am not using wordpress.

In order to get a live website going, I could just upload an html file called index.html to the file manager in cpanel but I wanted to install wordpress to build a website from there. So, from my cpanel way at the bottom is the softaculous apps installer section. There is a wordpress icon in this section.

I clicked on the wordpress icon. It brought me to the softaculous wordpress install page.

I hit the blue install now button. It opened up a new page where I had to enter in all of the wordpress installation information. In the software setup section, it had pre entered the latest version of wordpress, 5.1. I had to choose the protocol of the url, I left it at http:// since I do not have a ssl certificate yet (in the future, I will most likely install a free ssl certificate from letsencrypt). I then had to choose the domain, and I only have one domain associated with this hosting account so I left it filled in. I then had to choose the directory of where in my site wordpress would be installed. I left this blank because I want it to be installed to the homepage of my domain. If I was going to use wordpress only as a blog for my site, I could enter /blog in this area. I would then have wordpress installed only in the section of my website.In the site settings section, I entered my site name and site description.

In the admin section, I created my admin user name and password. I left english checked in the language section. In the select plugins section, I selected the classic editor, elementor page builder, and wp forms lite.

I did not change any of the advanced options. I then selected a theme. Remember, you can always change things like the theme, plugins, site name and site description later. I hit install and it took about 15 seconds for the installation to complete. After installation, there is a link to the administration login. This is where I will create and edit my new website. This is the typical admin area of I clicked on the link and it brought me to the wordpress dashboard for my site. In the future, to edit my site using wordpress I will need to go to and enter the login info I created during the wordpress installation.

I went to my new domain name and it is just a blank wordpress website with the theme I selected during the wordpress installation. All is looking good. If you want to continue with how to build a website using wordpress, you can see another article here.

Ok, so I purchased a shared hosting plan from and went over the purchase process step by step. I also went through how to install wordpress from the cpanel and got a blank site up live. Overall, I am very happy with GreenGeeks so far. The purchase process was easy and the account dashboard is simple to navigate. Also, there is quick access to cpanel where I was able to install wordpress or upload files to my website file manager directly. I would definitely recommend GreenGeeks shared hosting.


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