Cheapest Web Hosting For 2019

Web hosting does’t have to be expensive. Sometimes, when building a new website we just want it to go live quiclky without over paying for services we do not need. Keep in mind that most cheap hosting plans are compatible with free website builders, the most popular being wordpress. Even the cheapest hosting accounts will allow for an easy wordpress installation. The cheapest hosting plans will also have easy access to a file manager which is where you can upload all of your new website’s files. These are basically all you need to publish a new website live on the internet.

What The Cheapest Web Hosting Gives You

The cheapest web hosting plan you can get will be a shared hosting plan. Shared hosting is actually the most common form of hosting. Most websites need no more resources than a typical shared plan will offer. Shared hosting accounts will also come with a hosting account dashboard, making it very easy to manage your site.

With shared hosting, multiple accounts and websites will utilize the resources of one web server. This is great when trying to keep the price down because the costs of renting the web server space are essentially divided up between the customers. Each hosting account is usually limited as to the amount of resources it may use from the server. This keeps one account from using all the resources on the server that others may need. Shared hosting is great for someone just starting online or with limited resources. Also, if there are any hosting account addons you find out you want, shared plans are always easy to upgrade in the future.

It is important to take into consideration things that you may want along with your new hosting plan. New hosting customers will commonly want to register a new domain name. Some of the cheapest web hosting plans may not come with a free domain name registration. Also, with a new hosting plan, you may want to keep your contact information private by purchasing id protection. The id protection is usually an extra cost. I kept these items in mind when ranking the top two cheapest web hosting plans.

The Cheapest Web Hosting Plan

The best web hosting deal I have ever seen is the original fatcow plan. This is their shared hosting plan. With this plan, you DO NOT have to pay for a full year of hosting at checkout. The original fatcow plan is $5 per month and comes with a free domain name registration. I know of no other single month plan that will give you a free domain name. This hosting plan also comes with a free ssl certificate and no setup fees.

The actual total at checkout is only $5. If you are looking to get a new website up quickly and cheaply, this may be your best option.

Cheapest Yearly Web Hosting Plan

The cheapest web hosting plan with yearly billing is from The single shared hosting plan is as low as $0.80 per month, yes that’s eighty cents per month. If you choose yearly billing with this plan, it is $1.95 per month. You get a full year of hosting one website for $23.40, not a bad deal.

If you choose the 48 month option, you get the $.80 per month deal. That’s 4 years of hosting for $38.40.

If you know you will keep your new website for at least a year, the single shared hosting plan from may be your best option.

Cheapest Web Hosting Conclusion

After painstakingly examining over 40 web hosting companies for the cheapest hosting plan, the results can be summed up by the two lines below.

For a month to month plan –

For a yearly hosting account –


Feel free to use the comment section below to ask any questions or add something. Thanks and good luck.

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