Best Cloud Hosting For 2019

Best Cloud Hosting For 2019

The web hosting industry has seen development over the past few years with the emergence of cloud hosting. Unlike shared, vps, and dedicated servers, a cloud hosting account has the potential to utilize the resources of multiple web servers at once.

Benefits Of Cloud Hosting

Cloud hosting can turbocharge your website and in some cases can make your website 2 times faster when compared to traditional hosting methods.

Reliability is often improved with cloud hosting. If a server goes down, the needed resources can easily be pulled from other servers allocated within the same cloud hosting network.

Some companies offer in demand style pricing. You may only pay for what you use. If your website needs more server resources, the potential is there within the cloud hosting server network to allocate more towards your site.

Security may be improved with a cloud hosting account. The servers are still safely maintained in a data center, however all of your websites files and information will not reside on one particular server. The contents of your site may be spread among many different servers within the network.

With a typical cloud hosting account, you have the ability to easily increase the server resources if needed. As the content of your website grows, and begins to attract more visitors, you can quickly request and allocate more bandwidth, ram, storage space, etc.

Best Cloud Hosting Services

I am a paying customer at over 30 web hosting companies. I maintain and monitor test websites hosted with these companies. I ranked theses cloud hosting companies with the following variables in mind.

  • Price
  • Website Page Speed
  • Website Uptime Percentage
  • Functionality Of The Customer Dashboard
  • Customer Support

Here below are the top 2 ranked best cloud hosting companies.

Number 2 Cloud Hosting Company In 2019

Hostinger was founded back in 2004. They now have over 29 million web hosting customers. Hostinger has three different cloud hosting plans to choose from. All three plans include everything one would need to reliably host a personal or business website.

Number 1 Cloud Hosting Company In 2019

Among the web hosting community, Siteground has become known as one of the most technologically advanced hosting companies. The options from Siteground are more expensive but a cloud hosting plan from Siteground will utilize the power and resources of the most up to date servers and applications. The cloud hosting plans from Siteground are also customizable, allowing you to personalize your cloud hosting plan to more accurately meet your website’s needs.

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