A2 Hosting Review

A2 Hosting Review

A2hosting has been around since 2001. They have data centers in Michigan, Amsterdam, and Singapore. They claim to have hosting speeds of up to 20x faster. A2hosting offers many of the same hosting resources as all of the most popular web hosting companies. They have a 99.9% uptime guarantee, 24/7 customer support, a free ssl certificate, and a money back guarantee.

At A2hosting, they offer a few different hosting plans to choose from. They have shared hosting, vps hosting, reseller hosting, and dedicated servers. To learn more about the different types of hosting accounts, you can see one of my other posts here.

I have been a paying customer of A2hosting for quite some time. I have a wordpress site that is hosted with them and I continue to monitor the website’s performance. The site performs very well and I would definitely recommend the services from A2hosting. I reviewed and documented my original purchase process with A2hosting. I also reviewed step by step what I did to get my wordpress site live on the internet after my purchase.

I went to A2hosting.com. I clicked on the orange get started button at the right of the screen.

On the new page, it lists the shared hosting options. I left the linux plans selected at the top.

I scrolled down and looked at the 3 different shared hosting options. Since I am only going to have one website, I selected the get lite option. It looks like it comes with access to cpanel and a free ssl certificate.

On the next page, I had to enter my new domain name and see if it was available.

I entered my new domain name and selected the .com extension. My new domain name was available, so I left the one year registration selected. I did not check the option to also get the .net version of my new domain name. I hit the orange continue button.

On the next page, there were a couple things going on. First thing I noticed was on the right side was my shopping cart with a few items in it with a price of $165.84. This was because it had pre selected 3 years of hosting. I am assuming I can switch this later. I want to get 1 year of hosting for right now. Since the dns management and the email forwarding options are free, I selected them. I also left the id protection option selected. This is $9.95 per year but keeps my registration info private. I then hit the continue button.

The next page still had my cart on the right side which was nice. In the center was the section where I can change the triennially option to annually, so I did that and it substantially lowered the price in my shopping cart. I did not select the dedicated ip option or the turbo boost option.

I scrolled down to some of the other options. I did not select the priority support option and I left the backup selected to no backup. I left the server location to Arizona. I left the A2 website builder and spam firewall selected to none. I also left the ssl section selected to the free letsencrypt.

I left the railgun and auto install application sections selected to none. I did not select the cloudflare monthly plan option. I then hit continue.

The next page had a summary of everything I had selected with the total in the cart on the right. I hit the orange checkout button.

On the next page I had to enter my personal info and billing info. At the bottom, I had to agree that they had to send me emails and I had to do the not a robot captcha. I filled out all the info and hit continue.

The next page had my domain registration info. I left my name selected and hit continue.

I then had to select my payment method. I selected credit card and hit continue.

On the next page I had to enter my credit card info. I filled out my info and hit complete order.

After the credit card processing was finished, it immediately took me to the login page. I logged in with the info I filled out during the purchase process.

I logged in with the email and the password I created and it took me to my customer account dashboard.

The dashboard is pretty straightforward and I am excited now to get my new website live on the internet. I clicked on the cpanel login button. It opened up my cpanel which is where I can upload my website files to the file manager or  since I want to use wordpress, I am going to install wordpress to build my new site. In the softaculous apps installer section of the cpanel, I clicked on the wordpress icon.

It opened a new page where I clicked on the install now button at the bottom of the page.

I now have to go through the wordpress installation setup and enter a bunch of information.  In the software setup section, I left the protocol as https:// since A2hosting provided me with a free ssl certificate. I only have one domain name with my A2hosting account so it was already selected in the choose domain name section. In the directory section I left this area blank because I want wordpress to be installed to the main front page of my domain. If I only wanted to use wordpress as a blog in addition to a different type of site, I could put /blog in this section and wordpress would be installed at mydomain.com/blog. Next, I filled in the site name and site description areas. I can always change these later.

I had to create a username and password that I will need to access the wordpress dashboard and edit my website later. I left the language as english and I did not change any of the advanced options. I hit the install button. After I hit the install button, I got a note saying that it could not install because index.php already existed at my site. This is probably because A2hosting put up some type of a temporary site with instructions for me in case I went to my new domain name already. I clicked the override box and continue with install, and then it worked fine.

The wordpress installation actually took about 2 or 3 minutes to complete. Once completed, I clicked on the administrative url link. It took me to the wordpress dashboard where I can edit my site via the wordpress cms. Be sure to save the wordpress administrative url because this is where you will need to go to login to your wordpress dashboard and edit your site. From the wordpress dashboard, I clicked on visit my site and it took me to my new live website. It looks like they pre installed one of the free wordpress themes.

If you want to continue on with building a website using wordpress, you can see another article here.

Overall, the process of purchasing the shared hosting plan was pretty quick and easy. The A2Hosting customer account dashboard is very easy to navigate and has quick access to the cpanel.

I have been monitoring my website from this shared hosting account and the numbers fare very well. The site actually has maintained a 100% uptime and the google speed is a 97 which is considered very fast. I am very happy with the service at A2Hosting and highly recommend.

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